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"Now you too will put your drive in the fairway 80% to 90% of the time! If you want the thrill of hitting your drive dead straight – then this is the only driver on the planet for you!"

The New XP-7

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"Radical new fairway attack wood will add 25 to 40 yards to your fairway shots. Now you will point to where your ball will land. Or your money back."


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"NOW - You can have a deadly accurate, Repeatable Swing every time" "Special training club plus easy new swing guide take you step by step to an easy, repeatable, unshakable, rock solid swing"
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No Driving Range Needed!!
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Bennett Certified

Your game gets better with every club we offer!

Bennett Certified

      Every club we offer must dramatically improve       your game. Guaranteed. Our Professional Club      Builder, Dan Bennett, weighs and measures each    club we consider. ONLY the ones that pass his toughest scrutiny are then allowed to be "Bennett Certified" as game improving clubs. There is a lot of junk out there pretending to be golf equipment. Don't you get sucked in! With Bennett Certified clubs your game gets better and better.

"Your clubs from Eagle3Golf are - "

  1. Made specifically and exactly for you
  2. Made to your exact fitting specifications
  3. Guaranteed This Way - you like your clubs or you get your money back in 30 days
  4. And Guaranteed This Way Too - any material or workmanship problem is repaired or the club is replaced - this is for five years

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If you use VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER credit or debit cards you can stretch out your payments if you would like.

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Rissa ClubCatapult your game to the next level. "These NEW Breakthrough Irons give you the tools to hit the greens - each time - every time." These new irons from DeTomaso Golf are so easy to hit we call them "Self-Swinging" clubs. Take your usual swing. POW - ZOOM - Ball flies farther than you can imagine!
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Hybrid Clubs ImageKenneth Smith Next-Generation Hybrid
You can practically Steel these top of the line Kenneth Smith Next-Generation Hybrid from us for a really rediculously low price
More Info...
Our Price: $119.00

SPECIAL: Get the second one for $109


Perfect Perimeter Weighted Wedges Image"NEW Perfect Perimeter Weighted wedges make shots dead on the flag almost too easy"

steel shaft – just 66.00 each
graphite shaft – just 72.00 each

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Titanium driver"Flag Lasers"

"Now you will stick your ball right on the flag with these FANTASTIC Forged wedges at a crazy low price "

More Info... Our Price: $77.00


SPECIAL: Get the second one for $67 and the third for $62

Perimeter Weighted Wedge?

Flat Black Wedge?

What is the Difference and which one is better for you

























Titanium driver"New GS01 Heavy "
"If you don't develop perfect timing on your drives - PLUS - more distance and more accuracy, please send the GS01 Heavy Swing Trainer back to me"

More Info...
Our Price: $83.00

SPECIAL: Only $69 when you buy any other club
Titanium driver"New GS Launcher Wedge Training System "
"New GS Laucher MUST give phenomenal improvement to your short game or your money back"

More Info...    Our Price: $69.00

SPECIAL: Only $59 when you buy anything

"I just stumbled across the SWINGHAT, tried it and it has been a tremendous help to my consistency - but it is dumb looking"

How do we measure you and make your custom clubs specifically for you? Read More...

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"If you don't like it, we want it back - even if you have used it."

When we first started this policy we were warned, "Nobody else does that. Some people out there are going to take advantage of you. Some dishonest types will just rip you off."

Nope. That has not happened. And besides, we mean it -
If you are not 100% happy, send anything back along with the receipt in thirty days and get a full refund!

Most all companies will let you return clubs if you have not played with them. Does that seem dumb?! How do you know if you like them or not if you do not use them?!

Anything you buy from us is returnable - yes, even if you have used them.

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